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Muhasabah Diri:)
Wednesday, August 1, 2012 @ 5:51 AM | 0 Comment [s]

Since I've got no time to update my blog, I can just tell you bout my day or my feeling now. Dear electrical diary, janganlah terasa hati bila aku selalu abaikan hang. Alright, as I am a form 5 students now, --> dah besar. Saya rasa tidak perlulah saya berdalih atau menyimpan, atau memikirkan orang lain yang tidak perlu difikirkan. Honestly, it's empty. Yes, E M P T Y . Bukan aku buat teruk, buat kalut atau apa-apa ja. Girls, sometimes, try to put yourself at my place. At a girl place, who did all things, all memories for her friend. And wherever she is, she always think about them. She never thought, things goin' to turns like this. Never. Because why? She loves them. Dear world, this girl, wants to laugh so much like before. But why, she can't? She'd tried, but it's different. Different. It's like, lived on other planet. She lived on a planet, surrounded by the people who she'd never knew. Nelly, jujurlah. Aku rindu dekat hang. Rindu. Rindu sangat. Tapi aku takmarah dekat hang. Terasa tu dah benda lama, lemme heal it by myself. I didn't mad at you. Aku tau, tu sifat manusia. Especially for a girl who easy to get along with :) So, untuk apa aku nak terasa? Sifat hang, diri hang, I can't change it and tune it for myself, aite? I'd accepted it as sifat manusia yang ada dekat diri masing-masing:) No worries. Alright? Lagipun, aku dah takrasa apa-apa. Langsung:) All the feeling had gone. Sedih,suka,seronok,marah, it has nothing to do with me now. Dulu maybe la aku rasa macam sedih bila jalan nak balik. Tapi la ni, dak dah. I dont know why. Aku rasa seronok. Cause I don't have to thinks about others, to talks about others, to talks bout men and other people out there. I will just talk to people who talked to me. Smile :D and live my life well. It just, sometimes we forgot, what comes around goes around. When we talk about others, it's like we were talking about ourselves. It is not tegur, nasihat, or all those stuff. I mean, when we talking bout others. Manusia sering lupa :) Lupa kerana bila kita nampak kekurangan seseorang, kita terlupa tentang kekurangan kita. Mungkin aku pun pernah macam tu, and now it turns to me. But now? Hm :) Don't say a bad things bout others, cause we might do the same thing, tanpa kita sedar:)

Salam Ramadhan.

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