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One of my fav. quotes.

I sat on my study table. Put my head down. Closed my eyes. Thinkin' something.

Abah;  Got a problem?

I; I don’t know abah. I can’t think. I can do nothing. (my eyes watering)

Abah; (smiling) I had told you, this is life. It is okey for you to cry. Abah faham. Ignore what people say. Kadang kadang manusia nak tengok kita nangis, kita marah, kita jatuh, kita kalah. That’s life. We can’t change it. So, make a move. Make something different. Concentrate on your study. Okey anis try pkiaq, kalau nanti exam anis ada failed, anis rasa depa nak rasa sedih ka? No, they don’t. I might not know them well, But I know you so well. You are a good daughter. Abah takmau nanti benda ni ganggu study Anis. 

I; But If you try to put you on my place, You know that you don’t do those thing. But everyone keeps blaming you. They said that it is your fault. But the reality, It is not. And you have to shut your mouth, let them think that you are bad, yet you can’t do nothing. (sigh)

Abah; If it is the best way, then it will be alright. Takpayah balas, takpayah cakap apa. Truth is always truth. Concentrate and your study, abah nak tengok anak abah berjaya. I just wanna see you success in your life. Before I go. (Whip my hair) 

I; Am I a loser, abah? :(

Abah; (looked at me) You lose, with pride.


I know you will leave me one day, you’ll go. I don’t know what my life would be without you. :( I’m not ready yet to lose you. Abah selalu cakap, “Belajaq la, tara abah dok ada lagi.” :’I  I'm not anak manja. Memang la, sebab abah selalu p merata, jarang ada kat rumah. And I'll be the one who very miss him. Abah, is everythings. He can hear me, he can see me, he can feel me like no others did. He understand me well. If there's a first men who really worries, loves, cares 'bout me, it will be sure my Abah :'I

Haha Abah suka buat lawak x'D Puii.

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