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Lucky I'm in love with my Bestfriend :P
Sunday, September 25, 2011 @ 5:04 AM | 0 Comment [s]

Hey you, kentut -o- 

Thanks. For this laugh, and smile. You always here, right by my side. Even I'm always marah marah you >.< and selalu jadi haru biru bila sembang dengan hang -o- 
I know, you tried to make me happy, hahaha xD yes, I do ^^ .

 We were once a bestfriend , You told me a secret and I keep it safee :P *dok ada lagi lani cek oi*  I don't know how we become this close. *not realized i think* -o-  Anyway, I want you to know, that Have a good friend like you, and a good listener is the best things I've ever had. Cause by now on, you are my strength.  (walaupun dua dua tak msg, but before sleep he will call me, merapu mereben renggah gelak serupa nak terajang katil) -.-

 If 'you' can live without me, why do I can't? :D At least, he can accepted me the way I'm. Maybe awak pilih dia sebab dia make-up (lawa), Who knows? Cause I'm not use with all those things. I love to be me. And I don't have to put it on my face with those make-up things ^^ Why? cause there were someone who love me who I am. Walaupun aku macam budak budak -,-  

<-----  perangai tehege aku. -.-

and! Thanks fer the song :')


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