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Monday, August 1, 2011 @ 3:29 AM | 0 Comment [s]

Soulmate, I understand now. Really understand. All this 515 days, its only a fairytale for you. Sorry if I'd hurt you, sorry if I'd touched you without your permission, hold your hands without your desire, make a joke while you serious. I dont know why I can't be as easy as you. You deserve her. I know, mate. I tried to understand all this, our problems, and now I can see-Finally. Thanks. I can't be as good as her :') you don't have to tell me that! cause one day I will know it my self. I'm sorry if during this 1 year and 5 months, I'd never make you happy. I'd try. This Ramadhan, it's remind me of you, 9 September, bandung soyax'D and all those things. Mate, If with her, you meet the happiness, then catch her, and I'll spread my wings, then fly away. Trust me. If only I can see your eyes now, I would. Cause only that can makes me feel calm as I am when I'm with you. Can I be honest to you? please? :'D Its about last night, I'd really really miss you. I sat on my bed, and type this three words on my phone. I was about to sent it, but I don't have any strength. I sleep while holding my phone besides-it's still on your name, just a SEND. How it surprised me when I woke up(sahur), A message from you. I checked my sent items, How come? I didn't sent my msg but there you are. :'D I read it about a times. Everything seems playing in my head. "You had another 'her'?" or "You wanna leave me ?" and and idk what it is-so many. Start from that morning, until now, I try to understands. And now I got it. Thanks once again. Sorry I can't be like her, cause I used to be me, like this. Heh I'll marry you one day. I promised! HAHAH X'D Don't you ever make her cry like this stupid! >.<

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